Emecone Josombrero

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Know How to Make a Robot

Robot is a picture of future technological advances, the human race by race creates robots. ideas and inspiration can come from the imagination of a science fiction movie or the creator of the robot itself. There is a mini robot design, robot maid sexy, fire-fighting robots, military robots as reconnaissance and attack, robot servants, even spiderbot or autobot movie like tansformers. For the electronics hobbyist could really try to design the robot itself, there are really selling robot kit that is ready to raft stay dimodif wrote. Importantly understand programming Ic, and mechanical systems as well as patience and perseverance.

Well klo photo called a robot tractor or tractors was a Russian-made robot.
The shape is very large because the tractor was big dimodif a robot, cool.

robot super great tractor

This article is taken from a website that can be used as Indonesia robot submissions learn to make their own robot.
Design robots can be controlled with the TV remote, unique and can be learned. Spider robot was built using the CPU Module and Delta Delta Robo Robo DC driver that is part of the Delta Robo Kit as the brain and mechanical drive, Delta IR receiver Control as robot control commands sent by the remote control and the Hexapod Mechanics
serves as a mechanical system of the robot.

Hexapod Mechanic built using levers driven by Servo Motor HS-311 are also equipped with a gear-reduction gear reinforcing steps in moving spiders. Spiderbot (Spider Robots) this time is kind of teleoperated the robots are controlled remotely. Media control in this case is a modulated infrared light using a carrier frequency of 38KHz.

RXD section is an overview of the received signal at the receiver Delta IR Control. Shown in the picture above that the signal is modulated by stress conditions 0 Volt (RXD) represents the frequency of 38 kHz and a voltage of 5 volts represents not received frequency 38KHz.
The results of the receiver, after passing through coding systems, will form the data as shown in the following table.

Command buttons are used
Hexapod Kit For Delta, the buttons used are:
- Vol +: to go forward
- Vol-: to retreat
- Prog +: to turn left
- Prog-: to turn right
- A / B: to turn left
- Select: to turn right
- TV / Video: to stop

Delta Robo CPU is part of the Delta Robo Kit who masterminded this Hexapod. This module is equipped with a port that can be connected to the Delta IR Control. Also available ports for line sensing infrared, ultrasonic sensors and others that can be used for further development.

Delta DC Driver is part of Delta Robo executive order CPU which forwards the order to the Motor Servo HS-311 in order to move the legs of the spider robot. The module is equipped with a dual H-Bridge with short circuit protector that can drive two motors HS-311 through commands given by Delta Robo CPU.

Thus the idea and know how to make a robot, may be used as motivation for young men and women of Indonesia, because it is time Indonesia has developed a technology overview of future work alone.